It may seem like we’re all on a merry-go-round, or the proverbial treadmill, lots of activity but we don’t seem to be gaining any ground. As our region and our country seem to be backsliding in the fight against the pandemic there have been a few encouraging developments recently.

First, over the past two months, our small and mighty team at RunVermont has been able to provide 3 live race events hosting a little over 700 runners in distances from 5k to half marathons. We’ve been able to do this by working diligently with the Governor’s Restart Task Force and the many dedicated city employees of Burlington to re-format our events and conduct them in a safe manner, without losing the fun factor. We are grateful for both the opportunity to prove it can be done and to the runners who came to join us.

And so, with uncertainty gaining some new momentum, the question on everyone’s mind is... what happens in 2021. And here’s our answer


As we head into the holiday season, with travel quarantines proliferating, we’re buoyed by the recent news of a vaccine on the imminent horizon. Our team is very busy putting our plans together to offer you a multitude of running and racing options in 2021. We’re going to apply the lessons we’ve learned in the last two months and bring you a variety of races, fun runs, virtual challenges, training plans and coaching services, all designed to provide a comfort level while enjoying this great sport. Our plans and events may come with either traditional or new formats, and will definitely include virtual options. We plan to be flexible so that we can adopt to whatever the current health guidelines might indicate at any given time.

We’re working hard to finalize our plans and announce our event calendar by the New Year. To be certain, some of our plans will morph as we progress through the calendar but we’re committed to bringing you the best running experience in Vermont as we turn the corner and head into 2021. Check back to our website and blog for updates as we approach the holidays. We’re hoping to have some pandemic-friendly offerings before Santa is out of sight!